Halo 3 is a blast and thanks to Bungie's innovation, players can capture screenshots of their favorite (and not so favorite) moments. But have you ever had a great screenshot not work out because you can't quite fit everything into the frame? Take multiple screenshots and merge 'em! With the right software, you can merge screenshots together to create larger canvases of your battlefields. There are several tools you can use to do this, and we've created a tutorial to explain the process if you're using Photoshop. Below are a few panoramic views of the online battlefield, highlighting the myriad games of Xbox Live.

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"Major Tom"

"Over Your Dead Body"


"The Other Side"

"Made in the U.S.A."




"A Happy Place"

"Crazy Oboe"

"Cold Dead Hands"

"These Boots"

"No Shields"

"Flag Taken"

"Boy in the Bubble"

"Hold the Middle"

"Last Stand"


"Bat Outta Hell"

"Go! Go! Go!"

"Rocket Race"



"Clean-up at Invis"

"Indiscriminate Banshee"

"Use the Schwartz!"


"Mentally-ill Monarch"

"Hammer O'Dawn"